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State of Florida’s Part C Renewal Application

2021-2022 Early Steps Program Annual Report

IDEA Part C – 618 Exiting Data, SFY 2020-2021

IDEA Part C Annual Determination Letter

Indicator 1: Percent of infants and toddlers with IFSPs who receive the early intervention services on their IFSP in a timely manner – GRAPH

Indicator 7: Percentage of eligible toddlers with IFSPs for whom an evaluation and assessment and an initial IFSP meeting were conducted within Part C’s 45-day timeline – GRAPH

Indicator 8A: Percentage of children that had IFSPs developed with transition steps and services at least 90 days, and not more than nine months, prior to the child’s third birthday – GRAPH

Indicator 8B: Percentage of children for whom notification was provided to the State Education Agency (SEA) and the Local Education Agency (LEA) at least 90 days prior to the child’s third birthday – GRAPH

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Newborn baby holding onto father's finger