Two girl toddlers sitting at a table learning from an early intervention services provider and father
An early intervention service provider working with three toddlers in a classroom

Every child develops in their own unique way

That’s why Early Steps works closely with your family to understand your child’s needs and provide free early intervention services to help them succeed.

Services are available for infants and toddlers, ranging in age from birth–36 months, with disabilities, developmental delays and at-risk conditions.

Early Steps Services

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Developmental Monitoring, Screening and Evaluation

Icon of hands holding a family

Professional Support and Service Coordination

Icon of baby climbing up a chart

Individualized Early Intervention Sessions

Icon of a baby speaking

Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapies

Icon of a child with hearing and vision impairments

Hearing and Vision Services

Icon of a child wearing a hearing aid

Assistive Technologies

Newborn baby holding onto father's finger