Provider Resources

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Providers are an invaluable resource to families.

Not only do they care for patients’ health, providers are also a source of expertise, guidance and reassurance. Whether you work in a private practice, hospital, clinic, or other facility, it is important to educate families on early intervention services and the support available through Florida’s Early Steps program.

To ensure Early Steps reaches families whose child(ren) qualify for the program, we encourage providers to inform patients on program eligibility, such as missed milestones, developmental disabilities and medical conditions that may cause delays.

Click here to contact your Local Early Steps Provider Liaison.

Part C Fee Schedule

Download a listing of all Part C only billable codes, rates and descriptions below to stay up to date on the current fee schedule.

Provider Master List (PML)

The Provider Master List (PML) is provided to Medicaid health plans for purposes of verifying if providers in their networks are enrolled in the Early Steps Program and can be used for reconciling demographic data between the health plans’ databases and Early Steps.

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Working with Early Steps

Early Steps strives to be responsive with health care providers when enrolling a child to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Once a child is enrolled in Early Steps, it is important for health care providers to remain involved in the child’s progress and stay up-to-date on the early intervention services being received, as well as the Child Outcomes Measurement System.

Download educational materials below to inform patients about early intervention services and Florida’s Early Steps Program.

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