Individualized Family Support Plans

Mother holding her baby girl's hands as she walks toward her father
An early intervention services provider working with two girl toddlers as they color and play with learning blocks

You know your child best

That’s why the Early Steps program works closely with you and your family to construct an Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP) to aid your child’s development.

The IFSP identifies the main areas of concern and list of priorities you have about your child’s development. As the parent, you are the most knowledgeable source of information on your child’s needs, which is why your input and participation is an important piece of your child’s IFSP. We strive to understand the whole picture of your family, culture, values and perspectives to determine the most beneficial services and support for your child and family.

Mother tickling baby son on the couch

Developing the IFSP

Some of the topics that are discussed and used to develop an Individualized Family Support Plan are:

  • How your child is growing and learning.
  • The immediate needs of your child and family as it relates to your child’s development.
  • Your family’s concerns, priorities and resources.
  • Your family’s routines, schedules and normal environments.
  • Goals and outcomes your family has for your child and the services needed to assist you in reaching them.
  • Activities that will help your child transition out of the Early Steps program.

Based on what is identified in the IFSP, Early Steps then coordinates early intervention resources and services to meet your family and child’s needs.

If you have questions about the Individualized Family Support Plan, please contact your Service Coordinator or Family Resource Specialist.

Newborn baby holding onto father's finger